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The diffusion of our materials will be developed in the work system called COLPORTER TEAM: "Colporter" is the name given to the person dedicated to colportage, which is the distribution of religious publications, books and pamphlets. The term does not necessarily refer to the itinerant sale of religious books.

History of Colporteurs: The first to use the word were members of the Waldensian movement in the Middle Ages (12th century), who were in the habit of carrying sacred writings under their clothes, in pouches around their necks. Colportage became common in Europe with the distribution of treatises and religious books during the various opposing or controversial positions with the Protestant Reformation. In addition to these works that spread across the European continent, itinerant colporteurs also widely distributed cheap editions of popular works of the time to an increasingly literate rural population that had little access to city bookstores.

It was organized under this system where the colporteurs could develop a dignified work that would benefit them in order to grow and support themselves in a dignified way.

The task of the colporteurs is to carry the writings of the SOL DE JUSTICIA. They are those who wear underneath the spiritual worthy vestment, from whose necks are present the message of sound doctrine.
They will be the feet of those who carry the good news, who say to ZION: THY GOD REIGNS.
They carry the materials so that they are within the reach of all the Pastors and Churches.
The Publisher's books will channel God's wisdom and instruct by eliminating spiritual ignorance.

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